Our consultancy services can help you to rethink, realign and redesign processes and systems to support your strategic objectives, for example:

  • Meet challenging targets
  • Develop internal capabilities to reach full potential
  • Address symptomatic problems such as high employee turnover, low staff engagement, lack of ownership
  • Support managers and leaders to engage in strategic growth as opposed to being preoccupied with operational tasks and issues

We consider a multi-perspective and whole-system approach as crucial to ensure sustainable growth.


  • Understand

    We first understand our client’s need; as they require support to reach a specific target, or have a difficulty that is symptomatic of an underlying problem.

  • Propose

    We then develop a proposal in which we outline the methodology and process we will use to understand the underlying causes of the perceived problem.

  • Co-design

    Together with the client we co-design a new, or modified system or solution-set through research, workshops, benchmarking and analysis.

  • Sustain

    We create an environment in which implementation can take place and provide support throughout the implementation phase to ensure success that is sustainable!


We have helped a number of different organisations overcome constraints that hinder them progressing and reaching their full potential:

  • Start-ups, or project teams and departments within organisations in need of team cohesion and a system design that enables them to reach their targets.
  • Small businesses that have grown exponentially without the organisational structure following suit.
  • NGOs with limited resources and capacity and lacking a system to help them achieve the desired results.
  • Global Natives designed an organisational system for our company, submersing themselves fully into the life of the business, and winning the trust and commitment of staff. Their thorough, tailored approach toward implementing systems and accountability were realistic and attainable, and they provided the environment for change to be achievable and the confidence that things would improve. Everyone was equipped to play their part and understood where we wanted to go as an organisation. It was an invaluable exercise that helped us all to see the wood for the trees!

    Geoff Brown
    Geoff Brown Admin & Finance Director - Architects Firm

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