USB Post-graduate programmes


The programmes offered by USB help leaders to acquire responsible leadership skills that make a difference at the levels of “Me, We, Work and World”.
Leaders are also equipped with exceptional decision-making skills to support complex business decisions. Emphasis is placed on gaining a global perspective of business
knowledge within the context of Africa. USB offers various post-graduate programmes such as:

  • Business Management and Administration
  • Development Finance
  • Future Studies
  • Management Coaching
  • Financial Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Management
  • Executive Education
University of Stellenbosch Business School

Business Management and Administration

Post-Graduate Diploma
USB’s Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration aims to develop the entrepreneurial and key management skills required to grow a profitable and successful business. These include entrepreneurship knowledge, innovative thinking and the digital processes and tools of today’s workplace. The programme is completed in one year and covers 12 core modules and 4 electives.

USB’s MBA has been designed to enable managers, professionals, specialists and entrepreneurs to be responsible leaders, expert decision makers, strategic thinkers, effective communicators and stewards of society. This programme is completed over a period of 2 years through Blended Learning, which enables students to be part of an MBA class from anywhere in the world, in real time, via an internet-linked device, which is the pioneering “Glocal” classroom. This format allows the participant to engage in a live classroom lecture and interact with the lecturer by raising their hands, asking questions and making comments on the system.

Students attend three study blocks on campus over two years and the weekly classes via any internet linked device. An opportunity to engage and network with students from across Africa and other countries is made possible through an international study tour.

Development Finance

Post-Graduate Diploma
The PGDip in Development Finance is a modular programme that takes place over the space of a year, in two blocks of two weeks each. In particular, leaders will be exposed to interventions aimed at developing South Africa and other African countries.

The MPhil in Development Finance will equip leaders with the critical skills required to become a specialist in developing finance. Leaders will gain an understanding of the complexities of the different development finance resources available to poor countries, especially in Africa, in order to formulate and implement policies in this field.

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.

Future Studies

Post-Graduate Diploma
The one-year Postgraduate Diploma in Future Studies will enable professionals to understand the forces and trends that shape the future, in order to manage long-term organisational strategies with which to design the ‘ideal future’.

The MPhil in Future Studies is a 2-year programme which will equip professionals to excel in their duties as professional futurists responsible for strategising and planning. This will include the understanding of local and global issues and their impact on strategies.

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.



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