Four key considerations for a successful Team Building event

The success of a Team Building event is not solely determined by the service provider but requires that the company’s HR Team, the Directors, and each participant understand their role in making it count.

Key points to be taken into consideration for a successful Team Building event:

  • Do not expect to solve all your company’s challenges in one team-building event – Focus on one aspect by identifying a relevant theme with your provider, e.g.’Resilience and Agility’, ‘Working in cross-functional teams/business units’, etc
  • “Aha moments” to be highlighted and experienced daily as a team
  • Ensure Team Building is integrated with the team’s overall training strategy and does not stand alone. Observations made during Team Building can be used to inform specific areas for training, e.g. Conflict Resolution, Productivity, Coaching, etc
  • Meet the service provider two weeks after the event to discuss the observations made during the activities