LMI Total Leader Programmes


LMI programmes focus on developing the full potential of leaders and organisations, as well as the achievement of measurable results based on their goals, with the focus on a Personal Plan of Action through the Total Person Concept.

The Total Person Concept is an action-oriented way of life centred on goal setting and action plans that focus on six vital areas affecting each person’s effectiveness as a leader.


Effective Personal Leadership Programme

Effective Personal Leadership is the foundation of all effective leadership, yet many people lack the direction they need to achieve their desired results. Personal motivation and self-image are key to how one performs, responds, and leads. EPL supports individuals to:

  • Realise their personal leadership potential by building upon their strengths,
  • Overcome past conditioning to make the right choices,
  • Alter attitudes, behaviours and habits for self-motivation,
  • Develop both a personal and business Plan of Action for success.

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.

Effective Personal Productivity Programme

LMI’s Effective Personal Productivity ® (EPP) programme addresses the gap between current performance and the future potential of people. The EPP is not a training programme, but rather a development process.

Knowledge-based training has little influence in changing habits and attitudes that have been developed over many years. EPP however, enables participants to develop effective behaviours. The EPP develops effective behaviours in:

  • Time Management
  • Personal Initiative
  • Accountability
  • Leadership Style
  • Communication
  • Identifying High-Payoff Activities
  • Measuring Personal Productivity

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.


  • This course was the best thing that could have happened to me this year. I have grown and learnt a lot and most importantly, I’ve now got a clear vision of my future career, my goals and where I want to reach in 5 years.

    LCL Cynologics Ltd
  • With this programme, I managed to set up clear objectives in my work and personal life and work towards achieving them.

    Park Lane Properties Ltd
  • At the beginning of the programme, I was doubtful and confused. As the days went by, I began to enjoy and appreciate the programme. I feel better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues.

    Magnum Cargo Pvt Ltd (Mauritius)
  • The course came at the right time for me. Many lessons were eye-opening, challenging but positive. I really like the total person concept with one mission / purpose that encompasses all areas of life. I can now embrace my job better without feeling that I’m missing out on other important things. I will surely go back to my notes to remind myself of key learnings.

    Lemon Agency Ltd
  • The LMI programme was thought provoking and enabled me to refocus on what really matters, bringing a framework to be able to accomplish what I have been struggling to do. A very challenging and fruitful experience.

    Lemon Agency Ltd
  • It’s life changing. I only wish I had discovered this course 30 years ago!

    Audacior Ltd
  • It caused or created a significant shift in the minds and views of the senior management Team. And from a personal point of view, I have gotten insight on how to continuously review my personal vision, values, goals, and objectives.

    Velogic Ltd
  • This course came at the perfect time in my life and has equipped me for a new chapter I am about to embark upon. It has helped me realise that I have used my company and staff as objects to support me and my vision. I had become insensitive to the needs around me and therefore limiting the capabilities and effectiveness of my different teams. Now, through the course, I’ve been able to see the need to become their “coach” in order to help them achieve their full potential and find their place in the world. By equipping them more, I’m assisting in their growth and eventually they will take some of my responsibilities.

    Barrett d'Avray Inc
  • The LMI experience has helped me to understand that we must be able to balance our personal and professional lives, to have goals and write them down as well as working towards achieving them.

    La Prudence Leasing Finance Co. Ltd
  • This programme really opened me up to a whole new level of understanding productivity and helped me to reach goals I had previously failed to accomplish.

    Check In Travel Ltd
  • It has been a great experience to have a great training on a weekly basis, after so long. I got motivated on how I should be working to manage my team and environment properly. It has been an enriching experience where I have personally been able to grow in terms of delegating, motivation, organising my team and my time. It was also great to share experiences and at the same time get different tools to work with.

    Jubilee Insurance (Mauritius) Ltd
  • Instead of a motivational psychology gimmick, it is a true foundational step in line with my deepest values.

    Paoma Ltd
  • I thought I was already a leader but in fact I was only dreaming of becoming one. Now I have all the tools in hand to become a Total Person with a unique potential and I’m on my way to be the leader I want.

    La Prudence Leasing Finance Co. Ltd.
  • It touched on important aspects of personal life and business, and was very profound on purpose, positive expectancy, motivation and perseverance.

    Velogic Ltd