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LMI goal setting programmes focus on developing the full potential of leaders and organisations, as well as the achievement of measurable results based on their goals, with the focus on a Personal Plan of Action through the Total Person Concept.

The Total Person Concept is an action-oriented way of life centred on goal setting and action plans that focus on six vital areas affecting each person’s effectiveness as a leader.

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Effective Personal Leadership Programme

Effective Personal Leadership is the foundation of all effective leadership, yet many people lack the direction they need to achieve their desired results. Personal motivation and self-image are key to how one performs, responds, and leads. EPL supports individuals to:

  • Realise their personal leadership potential by building upon their strengths,
  • Overcome past conditioning to make the right choices,
  • Alter attitudes, behaviours and habits for self-motivation,
  • Develop both a personal and business Plan of Action for success.

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.

Effective Personal Productivity Programme

LMI’s Effective Personal Productivity ® (EPP) programme addresses the gap between current performance and the future potential of people. The EPP is not a training programme, but rather a development process.

Knowledge-based training has little influence in changing habits and attitudes that have been developed over many years. EPP however, enables participants to develop effective behaviours. The EPP develops effective behaviours in:

  • Time Management
  • Personal Initiative
  • Accountability
  • Leadership Style
  • Communication
  • Identifying High-Payoff Activities
  • Measuring Personal Productivity

MQA approved, HRDC refundable.



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