I’m passionate about finding creative solutions that cause businesses and entrepreneurs to grow. Working with business leaders to understand their needs establishes the best environment for return on investment for all learning and development initiatives.

Marietjie van der Merwe

Marietjie van der Merwe

Marietjie (Mah-ree-kee) is the managing director of Global Natives. Her main focus is creating new business opportunities and building strong relationships with clients, enabling efficient assessment of training needs and delivering learning solutions that bring real change.

Marietjie’s PhD in adult education, her research into applying systems thinking and her 15+ years work experience in training, development and consultancy has shaped the way she facilitates growth. She is driven to discovering genuine solutions that clients can practically apply in their work environment, and that produce measurable results.

Born in the Northern Cape in South Africa, educated in Stellenbosch, and having lived in Botswana and now Mauritius, Marietjie’s life so far has been an adventure through the barrenness, beauty and diversity of Africa. For her, business growth can be linked to this journey; a process of discovery that brings new and exciting opportunities and makes a positive, lasting difference.

Managing Director


Since 2014